This group of evergreens is most often used as an accent in the landscaping or as a year round screen.

Juniperus chinensis
Chinese Upright Juniper
Full SunPart ShadeGrowth Habit6 - 12' x 3 - 8'

Tough hardy uprights with green or gray-green foliage.  These varieties like sun, will grow in almost any soil, and are disease resistant.

Fairvier (Herts Columnar) - green foliage year wound on 6-12' columnar plant.

Mountbatten - a very even pyramidal plant with dark  blue green foliage that grows to 6-12' tall

Juniperus scopulorum
Rocky Mountain Juniper
Full SunGrowth Habit6 - 15' x 2 - 8'

These junipers have finely textured green or blue foliage on dense pyramidal or columnar shaped plants.  They like sun and are quite hardy.

Blue Have - The brightest blue upright available.  Wide pyramid that needs some shearing if you want a formal look.

Medora - Will remain a very dense column without pruning.  The size is 6-12' tall and 2-3' wide with blue-green foliage.

Skyrocket - The narrowest column without pruning available, usually  less than 2' wide and 8-15' tall.  Skyrocket has silver-gray foliage.

Welch - The most popular blue0green cone shaped juniper.  The dense growing habit needs almost no pruning.  6-12' tall and 3-4' wide.

Wichita Blue - Has a bright blue color similar to Blue Haven.  An open Pyramidal shape

Picea glauca 'Conica'
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Part ShadeGrowth Habit6 x 3'

A dense pyramid shape.  Dwarf Alberta Spruce is susceptible to winter burn and needs a protected site.

Taxus cuspidata 'Capitata'
Japanese Upright Yew
Part ShadeShadeGrowth Habit6 - 15' x 5' - 10'

Very attractive, slow growing evergreen with a broad pyramidal shape.  Deep green foliage.  Does best in well drained sites and in part sun or shade.  Size can easily be controlled with yearly pruning.

Thuja occidentalis
American Arborvitae
Full SunPart ShadeGrowth Habit up to 30'

The Arborvitae or White Cedar as it is sometime called, has soft green foliage.  It can grow in sun or shade but some varieties may winter burn in full sun.  The tall varieties are food for screening.

American Dark Green - An upright pyramid that is useful for screening.  Grows rapidly to about 15'.

Brandon - A slender growing variety reaching a height of 12-15' but can be kept much shorter with trimming.  Prefers east or north exposures.

Emerald - A dense narrow cone-shaped evergreen with bright green foliage year-round.  Grown 10-15' tall.

Holmstrup - A dens slow growing variety that needs no pruning for 3-5' plant. It can be use in sun or shade in places too small for other varieties.

Pyramidal - A narrow, cone-shaped evergreen for accent and screening.  Grows 15' tall.

Sunkist - Slow growing, upright form with bright golden foliage.  Grows 6 to 8' in height.

Techny (mission Strain) - A fast growing 15' dark green wide pyramid.  An excellent hedge or screen that is hardy in sun or partial shade.

Tsuga canadensis
Canadian Hemlock
Part ShadeShadeGrowth Habit 15'

A graceful tree with beautiful green foliage.  For colder climate use requires a protected site, and an acid soil condition.  Will tolerate partial shade.

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