Spreading Evergreens

Juniperus procumbens
Japgarden Juniper
Full SunPart ShadeGrowth Habit6 - 18"

A low dense evergreen with sage - green foliage.  Excellent in rock gardens and small places where other varieties will overgrow.

Dwarf Japgarden - A more compact and slower growing from of the above

Juniperus sabina
Savin Juniper
Full SunPart ShadeGrowth Habit1 - 3' x 3 - 5'

Savin Junipers all have soft fine textured foliage that almost looks feathery from a distance.  They grow best in half to full sun and are not too fussy about soil and water.

Arcadia - Has soft green foliage on a 12-18" high very hardy plant.

Broadmoor - Soft Blue, ground hugging branches that spread from a 12: center mound.

Buffalo - 12-18" with feathery green branches.

Calgary Carpet =- Low, very compact spreading form of up to 12" in height.  Attractive fine textured, soft green foliage.  Also sold as Mini-Arcade.

Pepin - A 2-3' high blue-green spreader

Savin - a 3' high spread with soft green foliage.  The natural form is very graceful or it can be pruned into a globe.

Scandia - Has a low flat topped form that stays 12-18" high and is very hardy and disease resistant with green foliage.

Tami (Tamariscifolia) - An 18" high spreader with fine blue-green foliage.

Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'
Blue Star Juniper
Full SunGrowth Habit 12" x 3'

Has bright silvery-blue foliage with a sharp texture on a low spreading plant

Microbiota decussata
Russian Cypress
Full SunShadeGrowth Habit1' x 3 - 5'

Low spreading, soft textured evergreen that does well in both sun or shade.  Prefers well drained solid.



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