Ideal evergreen shrubs, with broad, thick, dark green needles, for north and east sides of buildings, of any areas with minimum sun.  Thrives in shady sites with well drained soil.

Taxus cuspidata
Japanese Spreading Yew
Part ShadeShadeGrowth Habit3 - 5' x 4 - 6'

Spreading bushy habit.  Very adaptable.  Rich, green foliage.  Will withstand heavy shearing.

Taxus cuspidata 'Nana'
Japanese Dwarf Yew
Part ShadeShadeGrowth Habit3' x 3 - 5'

Broad, thick needles.  Very dark green Dwarfish and irregular spreading habit.  Excellent shade tolerance, but requires well drained soil

Taxus x media 'Dark Green'
Dark Green Spreading Yew
Part ShadeShadeGrowth Habit 3' x 5'

Compact growing form with dark green foliage.  Broad spreading form.  Withstands shearing well.  In harsher climates, it does better with o north or east exposure.

Taxus x media 'Densiformis'
Densiformis Yew
Part ShadeShade Growth Habit2' x 3 - 5'

A dense spreading evergreen for protected shady places.

Taxus x media 'Tautoni'
Taunton Spreading Yew
Full Sun ShadeGrowth Habit2 - 3' x 4 - 5'

A dense spreading evergreen with soft, dark green needles.  Will remain dense in full shade yet does not burn in the sun.  Very Hardy.

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